Get paid by playing online games

Get paid by playing online games

It may sound like a dream. You may not believe in what you have just read. You may think it is the next far-fetched article about how to become a game streamer who earns a million per week. (Un)fortunately it is not another one about it because becoming a successful game streamer is far more complex task that the one I am going to propose to you. And my proposition is – playing browser games and receive giveaways for that.

The browser games are just games you can online and the only thing you have to do to start is to create an account and choose a game. Pretty simple, right? If you are a true gamer or at least sacrifice some of your free time for playing you should definitely consider logging in as this way you can earn something by making actually no effort. And you can still play your favourite games!

Types of browser games

Since the browser gaming has been popularized very quickly now you have a huge range of possibilities to choose from. It is possible to play cult games such as Counter Strike, Fortnite, Fifa or Need For Speed or the substitutes for popular classics, which still are extremely addictive and of high quality, such as League of Angels, Call of War or Big Farm (I think we all can guess what games these are based on ;-))

You can choose to play online multiplayer browser games or single player ones. The range of games available to play is very diversified – it is possible to play RPG, strategy, arcade, puzzle or war ones. You can change it on your every whim and if one game gets boring you can switch to another one. And the selection is so wide that it is almost impossible to go through them all! However, the more you try and the more you play more point you get and the odds of earning something are growing. And how to make your points rocket?

Earning points and giveaways quicker

Let’s admit it – we all like to get things for free. Especially when we get them by doing something we would do anyway. So why not to receive giveaways for playing games? The process is simple – you play a browser game of your choice, earn points, exchange them for prizes and voila – your effort has been rewarded. But apart from playing you can gain more points by doing some additional easy activities.

The activities to make your points rocket can be the following:

  • inviting your friends to play,
  • creating a guide or looking into one prepared by someone else,
  • writing an article,
  • watching a video.

Even when you log in you get some extra points what sounds pretty neat, doesn’t it? The more points you have the more giveaways you can get and thus be better paid. If you like to play games why not to try? You have nothing to lose and a lot to win 😉